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Metal Jacketed

Metal Jacket Gaskets are the most basic type of semi-metallic gaskets combing the high pressure suitability and blow out resistance of metallic materials with improved compressibility of soft materials. Metal jacketed gaskets offer an economical seal where sealing faces are narrow and can be produced in a variety of shapes, making them a good option for heat exchangers jointing.

Jacket Material
Soft Iron, soft steel, stainless steel 304, 321, 316, 410, copper, brass, monel, chrome, aluminum, incoloy, titanium, Inconel, nickel.


Soft Fillers

 Non asbestos millboard, rubber, PTFE, Graflex exfoliated graphite.


Ordering Information
•    Outside diameter.
•    Inside diameter.
•    Shape per standard index.
•    Type number.
•    Thickness.
•    Material (metal/ filler material).
•    Bar width size.
•    Radius of bar connection.
•    Distance from centre line of gasket to centre line of bars.



Gasket Type Index

Type 210 Double Jacketed-Soft Filler
used on high temperature pressure applications or where corrosion problem may exist.
Type 211 Single Jacketed-Metal Filler-Partly Enclosed
Very seldom used, old design. Used in applications where poor or pitted flanges exist on one facing.
Type 212 Soft Filler-Partly Enclosed
Have less ability to withstand higher pressure. Used on narrow flanges
Type 213 Single Jacketed-Soft Filler-Open Outside End
Used in narrow flanges, protection of filler calered by casing.
Type 214 Single Corrugated-No Filler
Used mainly in valve applications, small recess gap. Sometimes referred to as taylor ring.
Type 215 Double Jacketed Corrugated-Soft Filler
Improvement on type 210. Reduced contact area, enhance compression characteristics, suitable for uneven flanges.
Type 216 Double Jacketed Corrugated-Metal Filler
Usually stainless outer casing with soft iron filler ring. Core material available SS 304, 316L, 321, soft iron, monel, inconel.
Type 217 Single Corrugated- Asbestos Rope Filler
Typically used on very poor or pitted flanges, low bolt loading requirement.
Type 218 Metal Jacket Laminates- Soft Filler
Combines flexible graphite with stainless steel core material.
Type 219 & 220
Solid metal ring machined on each contact face to provide a serrated finish covered with graphite. PTFE nonas.


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