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Kamprofile Gasket Kamprofile Gasket

Kamprofile Gasket Kamprofile Gasket


Material Types
Kamprofile gaskets are available in standards or customized dimensions for heat exchangers or pressure vessels. They are composed of serrated metal core with soft facing layers on both sides, the soft facing layers flows into any imperfections in the flange even at relatively low bolt load.
The result is a gasket which combines the benefits of soft cut materials with the advantages of seal integrity associated with metallic gaskets.

Core Material

Stainless Steel 316L, 316, 304, 321, 310, 347 duplex.

Monel 400.

Inconel 600, 625.

Nickel 200.

Titanium, hastelloy/ incoloy 800, 825.


Facing Material

Temp. Units


550 ºC


260 ºC


1000 ºC

Compressed Non Asbestos      

250 ºC








The guide ring and the gasket are one piece for standard flanges (Raised face & Full Face) or special flanges. They are used when centering is needed. Suitable when the width of the outer ring is small.
 Profiled joint without guide ring. They are used for male and female, tongue and grooved flanges. They are used when small or narrow width is needed.
 Profiled joint with floating guide ring. They are used for standard flanges (raised face and full face) or special flanges. They are suitable when the guide ring is very large needed.

CSB- 1, 2 & 3
 Convex Profiled joint in the same style as SB-1, 2, 3. The convex shape lead the pressure to the center of the width thus improves sealing even at low bolt load application.


General Properties of CAMPROFILE Gaskets:

-    Have a wide range of seating stresses under which the seal is affected and maintained
-    Can be used when there is insufficient bolt load to seal conventional gasket materials
-    Easy to handle and fit
-    Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions
-    The soft facing layer prevents damage to the flange
-    Provide a high integrity seal including thermocycling and shock loading conditions
-    Sealing is not sensitive to uneven bolt loading conditions
-    Can be refurbished with a new facing layer and reused.

Applications of CAMPROFILE Gaskets:

-    Heat Exchanger and Vessel applications
-    High and low temperatures
-    Pressures of up to 250 bar
-    Low bolt loads
-    Small flange widths
-    Damaged flanges
-    Potable water with use of PTFE layer as applicable to potable water use.

Surface Finish:

     -    The surface finish on a flange increases the friction at the gasket interface and helps
           to prevent extrusion of the gasket outwards due to the force exerted by the internal
           pressure. For standard pipe flanges, we generally recommend a gramophone or
           concentric grooved finish of between 3.2 μm (125μ”) to 6.3μm (250μ”).
    -     For tongue and groove flange facings or very thin gaskets (0.4mm) a surface finish of
          1.6 μm (63μ”) to 6.3μm is acceptable.
    -     Spiral wound gaskets require a surface finish of 3 2 μm to 6.3μm for most duties and  
          can be as fine as 2.0 μm (80μ”) for more critical services



Maximum Pressure Verses Temperature

Flange Class


300 ºF(148ºC)






230 psi





750 psi

730 psi

665 psi

505 psi

50 psi


1500 psi

1455 psi

1330 psi

1010 psi

105 psi


2250 psi

2185 psi

1995 psi

1510 psi

155 psi


3750 psi

3640 psi

3325 psi

2520 psi

260 psi


6250 psi

6070 psi

5540 psi

4200 psi

430 psi